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Trade Services

For over three decades DESU DESIGN has been providing fabrication and consulting services to some of the world’s leading brands, architectural firms, industrial designers and private clients. We help firms refine their design concepts by utilizing our designer’s sensibility coupled with extensive engineering experience. With our background in sourcing, production, and project management we are uniquely positioned to oversee each stage of development from concept to market. If you would like to find out more about these services or are a brand interested in licensing, please contact us.

Notable Brands we have worked with: 

  • Calvin Klein

  • Warby Parker

  • Nike

  • Walmart

  • Jimlar

  • Kaufman Group

  • Steven Holl Architects

  • Lynch Eisinger Design

  • Rogers Partners Architects

  • Pugh+Scarpa Architects


  • Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects

  • Work AC

  • Moroso 

  • SuiteNY

  • The Kennedy Center

  • The Children’s Museum

  • Museum of Art and Design (MAD)

  • Harvard Law School

  • LUMA Hotel

We offer various additional services to the trade, including discounts, bulk pricing and customization for quantity orders.

Please contact us to learn more.

Mirror polished brass-colored bars running floor to ceiling in a pattern to create a lobby screen

Arc Veil custom lobby screen designed by David E. Scott Fabricated by DESU DESIGN

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